Our Availibilty

Have you had an experience with a phone or utility company where they make you wait around all day for their technician, costing you an entire day of work (or more importantly, leave)? What a waste of time and money!

With Eastside IT Services, we work when it's convenient for you. After work, at night or on the weekend? Not a problem. Our techs are happy to help you out whenever you need, and with no extra or hidden charges. When we say we have upfront prices, we mean it.

It doesn't matter what the emergency is, we'll be there when it's happening and will fix it up lickedy-split. If it's something that'll take a long time, we'll work out a convenient way to solve the problem without impacting upon you - if we have to take it away and bring it back tomorrow, we'll do it cheerfully and without a hint of complaint.

Once we're out you don't need to worry about the clock - we don't charge by the hour. All of our services have simple, up-front prices that we explain before we even touch your computer - your credit card won't be in any danger of any shocks and you can rest easy knowing we're concentrating only on getting you back online!

We're qualified, experienced - and not complete geeks.

We know how to deal with people who aren't nerds. Although technology might be complicated, we'll make sure you know exactly what's going on at every step of the way.

We're available when you need - Find out when we operate