got a virus infection?

  • weird popups
  • people trying to get your money
  • can't get into anything
  • ads everywhere
  • just doesn't work!!!

PC not up to scratch?

  • new computers
  • upgrades to old machines
  • new lease on life
  • data copied across
  • speed up my life

all my stuff is gone!?

  • hard drive failed
  • lost all my files
  • weird noises!
  • did I smell smoke?
  • it's all due tomorrow!

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Curious about how we can help?

  • Virus removal

    By Peter

    Get rid of the pesky malfeasants clogging up your system …

  • New hardware

    By Peter

    A new lease on life, or a new life? …

  • Data recovery

    By Peter

    We'll get all your photos, emails and secret videos back ;) …

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